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Located on the eastern coast in the central part of England the county of Lincoln is the second largest (in area) in the country and was traditionally split into three administrative divisions. These were the Lindsey division in the north of the county, which covered more than half of the county, the Kesteven division in the south west of the county and the Holland division in the south east. Each division was divided into smaller administrative areas containing a number of parishes. These subdivisions are in many counties called "hundreds" and in some northern counties such as Yorkshire are referred to as "wapentakes". In Lincolnshire there was a mixture of nomenclature, some areas were hundreds, others were called wapentakes and yet others were referred to as "sokes".

There are a number of distinct geographical regions within the county. The Lincolnshire Fens is a marshy area in the south of the county that was drained to create rich agricultural farmlands. The Lincolnshire Wolds are a range of chalky hills running parallel with the coast but around 10 miles inland, stretching from the river Humber in the north down to the town of Spilsby in the south. The Isle of Axholme is an area in the north west of the county, formerly a marshy area with its villages located on hillocks (or "isles") of high ground, that was drained in the seventeenth century.

In mediaeval times Lincolnshire was one of the most populous and prosperous counties in the country, mainly due to its lively wool trade. In addition, Lincoln was the centre of the Diocese of Lincoln, one of the largest and oldest ecclesiastical dioceses in England. By the end of the fourteenth century however the wool trade had moved away and the towns and ports depending on the trade went into decline. Lincolnshire was (and still is) a predominantly agricultural county and thus never saw the rapid rises in population and industrialisation witnessed by its northern neighbour Yorkshire. Population has risen over the last 200 years, but only slowly.

Population of Lincolnshire:
1801 208,277
1831 317,465
1861 412,246
1891 473,912
1921 602,202

Those researching their family history in Lincolnshire will find themselves well served with an excellent county archive in Lincoln containing many parish records, sessions and other judicial records as well as copies of wills and will indexes. There is also an archive for North East Lincolnshire located in Grimsby. The Lincolnshire Family History Society is a large and active organisation with many useful publications. Links to all these, and other useful Lincolnshire websites can be found on the left hand side of this page.

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More informationLincoln Bishops & Sherrifs1070-188106/9/2010Search this document
More informationLinconshire Pedigrees, G - J1100-187026/10/2010Search this document
More informationLinconshire Pedigrees, K - M1100-188517/1/2011Search this document
More informationWake Family Origins1120-132905/10/2012Search this document
More informationLinconshire Pedigrees, R - S1154-190410/5/2012Search this document
More informationLinconshire Pedigrees, N - Q1166-189121/3/2012Search this document
More informationLangton Family of Langton by Spilsby1196-190304/3/2013Search this document
More informationDoddington Rectors1222-186130/11/2010Search this document
More informationMolton of Frampton, Pedigree 1252-138325/10/2012Search this document
More informationMassingberd Family of Sutterton, Gunby & Ormsby1288-187219/7/2013Search this document
More informationMiddlemore Family of Edgbaston1396-189606/7/2013Search this document
More informationGrimsby Burgess Roll1450-160227/6/2011Search this document
More informationWickenby & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1500-182527/4/2012Search this document
More informationOwston & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1500-183429/5/2012Search this document
More informationRand & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1508-181623/4/2012Search this document
More informationMablethorpe & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1522-182229/9/2011Search this document
More informationHainton & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1530-183730/4/2012Search this document
More informationBaron Family, Huguenots1534-171502/5/2013Search this document
More informationLaughton & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1546-183521/5/2012Search this document
More informationSpilsby & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1552-183008/10/2011Search this document
More informationCartwright Family of Nottinghamshire1553-183712/8/2013Search this document
More informationBassingham and Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1556-182902/3/2012Search this document
More informationIrnham & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1558-181805/12/2011Search this document
More informationSkegness & Croft Monumental Inscriptions1559-181315/10/2011Search this document
More informationLangtoft & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1563-183117/11/2011Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Marriage Licences1569-167025/6/2011Search this document
More informationLong Sutton & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1570-183107/11/2011Search this document
More informationNavenby & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1575-183215/2/2012Search this document
More informationBrocklesby, Laceby & Limber Monumental Inscriptions1587-182508/9/2011Search this document
More informationAlgakirk, Kirton & Sutterton Monumental Inscriptions1589-190924/10/2011Search this document
More informationStow & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1590-182216/4/2012Search this document
More informationBoston & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1591-182617/10/2011Search this document
More informationLouth & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1596-183221/9/2011Search this document
More informationKettlethorpe Monumental Inscriptions1597-182224/5/2012Search this document
More informationGreat Hale & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1597-182912/1/2012Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Wills Index Vol2B1601-165217/7/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Wills Index Vol21601-165204/7/2010Search this document
More informationNettleham & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1603-183020/4/2012Search this document
More informationTetney & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1606-182912/9/2011Search this document
More informationWashingborough & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1607-181913/4/2012Search this document
More informationLincoln Monumental Inscriptions1609-182501/9/2011Search this document
More informationBillingborough & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1610-183117/12/2011Search this document
More informationAunsby & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1610-179809/1/2012Search this document
More informationDonington & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1610-183626/10/2011Search this document
More informationLeadenham & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1618-183113/2/2012Search this document
More informationFolkingham & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1622-183212/12/2011Search this document
More informationTathwell & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1626-182424/9/2011Search this document
More informationBarrow-upon-Humber & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1626-182805/9/2011Search this document
More informationBourne & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1627-183126/11/2011Search this document
More informationCorringham & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1628-182705/5/2012Search this document
More informationWispington & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1630-181625/4/2012Search this document
More informationMarket Rasen & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1634-180602/5/2012Search this document
More informationSleaford & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1635-183014/1/2012Search this document
More informationAlford & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1636-183103/10/2011Search this document
More informationCaistor Wills1636-183309/6/2011Search this document
More informationCarlton & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1639-182218/4/2012Search this document
More informationSpalding & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1641-183429/10/2011Search this document
More informationHolbeach & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1641-183405/11/2011Search this document
More informationRippingale & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1656-182807/12/2011Search this document
More informationLouth Wills1659-185710/6/2011Search this document
More informationLincolnshire, List of Kesteven JPs1660-168511/3/2011Search this document
More informationMarket Deeping & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1671-183414/11/2011Search this document
More informationAlvingham, Covenham St Barth. & Yarburgh Monumental Inscriptions1671-181414/9/2011Search this document
More informationCastle Bytham & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1673-183201/12/2011Search this document
More informationLincolnshire, Kesteven, Quarter Sessions Minutes PtA1674-168512/3/2011Search this document
More informationLincolnshire, Kesteven, Quarter Sessions Minutes PtB1686-169524/3/2011Search this document
More informationKirton Lindsey & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1687-183123/5/2012Search this document
More informationDoddington Parish Register PtB1690-178720/10/2010Search this document
More informationGedney Hill & Surrounds Monumental Inscriptions1690-182512/11/2011Search this document
More informationBarton on Humber Monumental Inscriptions1698-184327/8/2011Search this document
More informationDoddington Monumental Inscriptions1713-185527/11/2010Search this document
More informationAttwood and Gaunt Families1716-188808/4/2013Search this document
More informationSwinhope Monumental Inscriptions1729-182826/5/2012Search this document
More informationMonson & Watson families - Inheritance1746-174610/7/2013Search this document
More informationClaxby Catholic Baptismal Register1755-175911/12/2010Search this document
More informationDoddington Parish Register PtA1788-181211/10/2010Search this document
More informationStamford Poll Book 18091809-180920/8/2011Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1830, Pigot1830-183023/7/2009Search this document
More informationGrantham & Stamford Directory 1846, White1846-184610/11/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1856, White PtD1856-185604/3/2011Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Officers and Gentry 18561856-185627/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1856, White, PtB1856-185606/12/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1856, White, PtA1856-185629/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1856, White, PtC1856-185617/12/2010Search this document
More informationGainsborough Directory 1864, White1864-186406/11/2010Search this document
More informationLincoln Mayors & Sheriffs1864-192513/6/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1872 PtA, White1872-187205/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1872 PtB, White1872-187207/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Officers 1872, White1872-187208/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1872 PtC, White1872-187222/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Ads 18721872-187201/11/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1872 PtD, White1872-187205/11/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Officials, Clergy & Gentry 18821882-188204/9/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1882 PtA, White1882-188210/9/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1882 PtB, White1882-188222/9/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1882 PtC, White1882-188228/9/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Ads 18821882-188230/9/2010Search this document
More informationLincoln Ads 18991899-189918/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincoln Directory 1899, Ruddock1899-189913/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincoln District Village Directory 1899, Ruddock1899-189915/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincoln Official Directory 1899, Ruddock1899-189916/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Ads 19181918-191809/10/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1918 PtB, Kelly1918-191816/9/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1918 PtA, Kelly1918-191809/7/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Ads 1920s1923-192712/6/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1926 PtA, Kelly1926-192602/6/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1926 PtB, Kelly1926-192608/6/2010Search this document
More informationLincolnshire Directory 1926 PtC, Kelly1926-192610/6/2010Search this document

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