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Spotlight: Bytheway family history information on Genhound
Search results Credits Source document Period
Milliona Bytheway bap. ,, Nov....
10CrDeuxhill & Glazeley Parish Register, rec. 171654-1812
Parker st Bytheway Rev. Wm. ...
10CrDerbyshire Directory 1835 Pigot, rec. 291835-1835
- 4* 3 a -Bytheway, John, 22...
10CrTimes Newspaper Index, 1843 PtD, rec. 61843-1843
st Bytheway (4 Nov. 88); C; ...
14CrRossall School Register PtB, rec. 571895-1938
S 61 BYTHEWAY, G. Mansfield T. out- si...
14CrFootball Who's Who 1935, rec. 221935-1935
ad, L. G. Bytheway, T. H., 5...
10CrStaffordshire Trade Directory 1939, rec. 891939-1939

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